No Idea Bar - Good dive bar in Flatiron, Manhattan (near Union Square)
30 East 20th St, between 19th and 21st 

The Abbey - Good bar with nice strong drinks and popcorn. 
536 Driggs Ave
(between 7th St & 8th St) 
Williamsburg - North Side, Brooklyn
The Frying Pan - Great bar on a boat on the water in Chelsea. Gets really packed though so get there early on a sunny day.
Pier 66 (26th St) 
New York, NY 10011
The Standard Hotel - Amazing view and bar on the rooftop, and a bar/club inside on the floor below which has a giant spa in it. Can get really packed so prepare for a bit of a queue.
848 Washington St
(between Little W 12th St & 13th St) 
Meatpacking District, Manhattan

Willy Wall - a crazy floating baanchored in New York Harbor just and north of Ellis Island.
Tom & Jerry's
288 Elizabeth St
(between Prince St & Houston St) 
New York, NY 10012
The Berry Park is a great bar in Williamsberg that has a big outdoor beer garden on the rooftop, with a view of the Manhattan skyline. Great place for a few drinks on a summer afternoon or evening. Downstairs has a full bar area, and food served upstairs and downstairs. 

4 Berry Street (Berry St and North 14th St)Williamsberg, Brooklyn
(718) 782-2829

Goings On (New Yorker Magazine) - New free app from the New Yorker with cultural goings on around town. 

 iTrans NYC - provides subway map and allows you to enter start/end destination and generates routes 

Yelp - helps you search anything and everything in your local area with user generated ratings and information 

Time Out NY - lets you know all the cool stuff going on in NY 

USA Today - News 

ABC News - News 

NY Times - News 

NY Post - News 

NY Times Real Estate - Accommodation information source 

Flixster - Movies reviews and screening times plus it locates your nearest cinema 

Viber - Free international calls and text messages via internet 

WhatsApp - Free international text messages via internet 

Tiny Wings - subway must have - try beat 273, 000 - that's the current Newbies high score!
Spring St and Prince St cross through Broadway which is lined with retail experience after retail experience as it is but for more of a unique shopping experience go and explore Spring and Prince and all the little streets that run between them - you will NOT be sorry!
If you have a bike, take a ride along the bike path on the west side highway. It's a really nice path stretching from downtown right up to uptown, and a picturesque ride along the water. When you get to around the 60th St mark, the path leads to a few great bar/restaurants in park area on the water.

Joe the Art of Coffee
This place serves the best cortado I've had in NY. It's so good that, before I realized this was a chain with seven locations around the city, I used to bike all the way from Williamsburg to 85th and Columbus just to get a cup. 

This is cortado: 

Other good places for this delicious, Spanish espresso drink: 
Everyman Espresso - E 13TH between 3rd & 4th ave. 
El Beit in Williamsburg - N8th & Bedford.

Union Square and Flatiron
If you're around Union Square and Flatiron, there are 2 decent places I've found for coffee: 

'My Way Cup' on the East corner of 23rd St and Park Ave South (just past the subway entrance) - Cool little place run by good dudes. They saved me from Starbucks every day before work. 

There's also a place opposite Madison Square Park on 23rd St and 5th Ave called 'Eataly' (it's a massive space of all types of foods where you can eat. You can get a good coffee in there in the LaVazza section on the 5th Ave side of the building.

Gimme Coffee 

Many say the best coffee in NY is Gimme Coffee, locations are: 

Mott St between Prince and Spring bSt in Nolita/Soho 
Lorimer St between Powers and Grand in Williamsburg 
430 N Cayuga St in Ithaca, NY - this is the original Gimme Coffee 
506 W State St in Ithaca, NY 
131 E Green St in Ithaca, NY 
7 E Main St in Trumansburg, NY 

THE MEATBALL SHOP(cheap, fun, late night) 
84 Stanton Street(between Allen & Orchard) 

(212) 254-2246
This place is brilliant. Biggest pastrami sandwich you've ever seen. Excellent pickles too. Great food and atmosphere, and also the location of the famous scene from the film 'When Harry Met Sally' where Meg Ryan fakes the orgasm. 

Café gitane (good for b’fast, lunch & dinner. Funky, cheap. Have vegemite) 
242 Mott St # 2 New York, NY 10012 (212) 334-9552 

Spotted Pig - really cool pub atmosphere but can also sit for dinner. Long waits to eat, but worth it 
314 W 11th Street @ Greenwich 

Café Mogador - (excellent Moroccan b’fast. Very popular) 
101 St Marks Place btw 1st & ave A 

La Nonna - Fab Mamma style Italian joint in Williamsburg, go the home made pasta, delish! 
237 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn 11211 
(Btwn N 3rd & N 4th St) 

Cheers Thai - Pretty good Thai food, considering there is not a lot of Thai in NY (food or people) - the service is always gorgeous and the courtyard is really pretty 
612 Metropolitan Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11211-3606 
(718) 599-4311 

Corner Bistro (awesome burgers) 
331 West 4th Street (212) 242-9502 

Johns Pizzeria SOHO - Best Pizza in NY!!! 
278 Bleecker StNew York, 10014(212) 243-1680 

Eataly - 5th Ave/23rd St - looks small from outside but the BEST Italian market EVER 
PYLOS - greek and DELICIOUS! Really gorgeous on the inside, walls are decorated with Greek urns. 
128 East 7th Street(between Avenue A and First Avenue 212 473.0220 

THE MEATBALL SHOP (cheap, fun, late night) 
84 Stanton Street (between Allen & Orchard) (212) 982-8895 

Brown Café (yummy breaky off the beaten track) 
61 Hester Street, (212) 477-2427 

Johns Pizzeria 
278 Bleecker St New York, 10014(212) 243-1680 
Best Pizza in NY 

Momafuku (fusion Japanese. Great food. Pork buns excellent. Can’t book) 
171 1st ave between 10th & 11th St 

Joe’s Shanghai (amazing soup dumplings. Its a NY institution!) 
9 Pell Street New York, New York 10013 Phone: 212-233-8888 


The Standard Hotel 848 Washington Street New York, NY 10014 Phone (212) 645-4646Try get up to the 18th floor for a drink if you can, amazing! 

Pastis (same owner as Balthazar & schillers. Great dinner & brunch) 
 9 9th Ave New York, NY 10014-1203 
 (212) 929-4844 

Stanton Social (Modern fusion, good tapas, can do dinner downstairs or cocktails & bar food upstairs. Can book) 
99 Stanton St., New York, NY 10002 nr. Ludlow St 

Ippudo (japanese & ramen / funky interior. Gets v busy) 
65 4th Ave New York, NY 10003 (212) 388-0088 

Blue Ribbon Bakery & or Sushi (great for brunch. Make own bread) 
35 Downing @ Bedford is bakery 

Babbo Italian (really good italian. Upmarket. must book well in advance!) 
110 Waverly Place 

La esquina (amazing Mexican & cool atmosphere. U enter in front & go downstairs through the working kitchen. must book well in advance!) 
106 Kenmare St New York, NY 10012 (646) 613-7100 

Il buco (very cute rustic & seasonal Italian) 
47 Bond St # 1 New York, NY 10012(212) 533-1932 

Bond Street (up market sushi) 
6 Bond St, New York, NY 10012 nr. Lafayette St 212-777-2500 

Peasant (rustic Italian. Big open kitchen very pretty. Can book) 
194 Elizabeth St # A New York, NY 10012 (212) 965-951 

Balthazar (good French for brunch or dinner. Can book for dinner) 
80 Spring St New York, NY 10012 (212) 966-7402 

Pipa (fab Spanish tapas. Excellent sangria & great atmosphere. All chandeliers) 
38 E 19th St New York, NY 10003 (212) 677-2233 

Prune (rustic bistro food. Simple old school ingredients brought back. Great for brunch & dinner. Small intimate place) 
54 E 1st St New York, NY 10003 (212) 677-6221 

Frankies (Italian tapas style. great cheese & meats, fab truffle mushroom crostini) 
17 Clinton St, New York – (212) 253-2303 

Gramercy tavern restaurant (contemporary American cuisine. Really good food. More formal & $$. Need to book) 
42 E 20th St New York, NY 10003 (212) 477-0777 

Little Giant (modern American great brunch & dinner in a very non tourist area) 
85 Orchard Street (at Broome) New York, NY 10002 (212) 226-5047 

Barrio Chino (excellent Mexican if can’t get into la esquina. Also much cheaper. Can’t book always packed same st as little giant) 
253 Broome st (near orchard) 

Freemans (excellent for dinner. fab weekend brunch. Opens 11am. Little restaurant down alley btw two buildings. hard to get into) they have also opened up restaurant called peels worth a visit 
191 Chrystie St New York, NY 10002 (212) 420-0012 

Clinton street baking company (NY breakfast) 
4 Clinton Street (btw. East Houston & Stanton) 

August (dinner really good but breaky great if you get there when opens & can sit in atrium out the back) 
359 Bleeker St SOHO 

Café Mogador (excellent Moroccan b’fast. Very popular) 
101 St Marks Place btw 1st & ave A 

50 Commerce Street (212) 524-2301 

The Spice Market - Really good Asian fusian food, delicious, service touch and go 
403 WEST 13TH STREET.NEW YORK, NY 10014 • TEL: 212.675.2322 

Brown Café (yummy breaky off the beaten track) 
61 Hester Street, (212) 477-2427 

Locanda Verde (fancy Robert de Niro restaurant in tribecca) 
377 Greenwich Street (212) 925-3797

Posted by Katrina Wong

Month first, not day first. 2nd January 2011 = 01/02/11. ‘Uh, thanks’ you say. But it’s important because if the immigration officer records it ‘backwards’ as you enter the country, it’ll royally screw up any chance you have of getting a social security number quickly. Which means no paycheck. Which means no shopping.

Cross streets, not street numbers. Cab drivers and locals alike do not respond to street numbers well. It’s Mulberry Street between Prince and Houston (pronounced How-ston, not Hew-ston). Not 170 Mulberry Street. Saying it in your best American accent, will save you time too.

Subway, not cab. Believe it or not, trains are on time and frequent here (except in and out of Brooklyn-Manhattan on the weekends). So it’s almost always quicker to jump on the subway rather than hail a cab. That said, cabs are ridiculously cheap, so perfect and completely, utterly justified for short distances – particularly when heat, snow, slush or heels are involved (think US$5 for what would be at least a A$15 ride in Australia). Although it still beats me how to tell if they’re available.

Helpful, not hipster. The best thing about crowd-sourcing apps like Foursquare is that they actually work here. Well, in the sense that it’s kinda nice to have helpful hints and tips sourced from a crowd larger and more diverse than those in advertising and communications circles. So you’re not just using them with the people you sit across from every day (as awesome as they are).

Later, not earlier. Australia is a country made for mornings. New York is not. Unless you’re in banking, people generally don’t rock up to work earlier than 930-10am. No shop really opens until 11am. Brunch not until 11am or 12pm. Dinners booked around 9pm (make OpenTable your friend). And parties scheduled as early as 12am or 1am.

Delivery, not pick up. Well you can pick your food up. Or you could just have it delivered. Almost anything, anytime, anywhere. Detox juice? Ice-cream craving? Burger? ‘It’s 4am and I’m in a cab-delivery’ by the time I get home? Delivery to a bar that doesn’t have food on the menu? You got it.

Go, don’t read. One of the best things about New York is that those incredible entrepreneurs, designers, writers, musicians, dancers, actors (hello Jake Gyllenhaal), that you often read about actually live here. Hardly surprising, but an awesome reminder that they’re not just a Google search, blog feed or @Twitter away, but likely someone you can stalk a few blocks away speaking, hosting a [free] event or just hanging out.

Fahrenheit, not Celsius. To convert °F to °C, just minus 30, divide by 2. So 80°F – 30 / 2 = approx. 25°C.

Pounds, not kgs. 1 kg = 2.2 pounds. For example “I ate so many lobster rolls at Luke’s Lobster, tubs of guacamole at La Esquina, gelato macaroon sandwiches at Francois Payard Bakery, pulled pork buns and dark chocolate sea salt caramels at Brooklyn Flea, and Akamaru ramen bowls at Ippudo, I put on 9 pounds (not 4kgs)”. (NB: Ippudo, East Village – best ramen outside of Japan. Hands. Down.)

Put it in the calendar, not diary. A diary is something a 13yo teen writes in (well, used to.. perhaps password protects on a blog these days). A calendar is what you put appointments in for work.

Get wasted, not loose. Saying ‘get loose’ means ‘be sexually promiscuous’. So your friends don’t want to ‘get loose’, they want to get ‘drunk’. Tsk.

Candy, not lollies. A lolly is also something a 13yo teen eats. Like Chuppa Chups. Or Push Pops. Or Pez. Candy encompasses every sugary treat (including chocolate) from Snickers, to Skittles.

Sprite or 7-Up, not lemonade. Lemonade is the kind of drink kids make a cardboard stand for on their front lawn and sell for 50c a pop. So they can go buy ‘candy’. So if you really want to confuse a bartender, order a ‘vodka lemon lime bitters’ (bitters isn’t really stocked here).

Cilantro, not coriander.

Garbanzo beans, not chickpeas.

Peppers, not capsicum.

Courgette, not zuchinni… and so on.
‘ing’, not ‘ies’. Whilst Aussies love to abbreviate with ‘ies’ (mozzies, stubbies, boardies, breakie, tele), yanks love to add a good ‘ing’ (roof topping, biking, beaching, grilling [BBQ-ing]).

Chill, not chilled. Literally. ‘She’s chill’. Rather than ‘She’s chilled’. Sure.
Yes, not ‘really?’. No matter how well you know a person, you’ll be invited out to all sorts of parties, openings, day trips, summer weekends, festivals and so on, much more freely and frequently than most would offer in a smaller, more cliquey city like Sydney. From someone you’ve met for all of 5 minutes, to lovely clothes shop assistants and the like. To the point where it’s an anomaly not to meet someone new or experience something different every week. I hate to end on something cheesy, but it’s the way it should be, and a healthy reminder to branch out of the necessary, lovable but easy-to-confine-yourself-to Aussie contingent.